Wich activity is made for you?

More into sports and adrenaline? So go for the wakeboard!

Fun and brainy team activity ? In that case, we recommend escape games!

Soft sport and relaxation ? Go for paddleboard!

Are you into fun and splashes? Go to the aquapark!

Stand up paddle

The big cable


Ladies sessions


The small cable

Escape games:
Extreme room

Escape game:
House under the dam

The floating islands


Extreme tower

Kids sessions

Eat ‘n Spin

Bubble foot

Barbecues cook it yourself

The other activities

You can rent the sets for 2€ and leave your ID card as a deposit 🙂


lacs de l eau d heure activités slackline
lacs de l eau d heure activités pétanque


Beach volley

lacs de l eau d heure activités beach volley