Eat ‘n Spin

Eat’n Spin offers food and drinks! You can enjoy your favorite beverage or a simple dish on the terrace (in the shade or in the sun) or by the fireplace at the bar.

Feel free to check out the menu below, and on-site, you will have access to this menu through one of the QR codes found on the tables.

ATTENTION: It is forbidden to consume your own drinks and/or food on-site. Please consume at the bar 😉

Discover our menu!

You’re the chef! Do you want to master your cooking skills? We offer you a selection of local meats that you can cook to your liking while enjoying a stunning view of the lake!

BBQ The Spin: composition/per person

1 country sausage, 1 merguez sausage, 1 marinated bacon slice, and 1 pork skewer


BBQ Mix Grill: composition/per person

1 turkey skewer, 2 lamb skewers, 1 chicken sausage, and 1 merguez sausage


Vegetarian BBQ

2 vegetarian burgers and 1 vegetable skewer



Side dishes:

crudités, pasta salad, bread, sauces (ketchup, mayonnaise, andalouse)

ATTENTION: It is forbidden to consume your own drinks and/or food on-site. Eat’n Spin is here to quench your thirst and satisfy your hunger.

ATTENTION 2: All products are fresh and sourced from local partners. That’s why BBQ reservations must be made at least 72 hours in advance! Thank you for your understanding!

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