Member zone

Hi there!
If you are reading these words, it means that you are a member, so welcome to the community of Musicride members 🙂
Musicride is a water sports club recognized by the FFSNW (French-speaking Federation of Water Ski and Wakeboard) which allows you to be insured for the practice of water sports worldwide until December 31 of the current year.
At the Spin, you can have a prepaid account at the bar where you get a 10% discount on drinks. In the shop you also get a basic discount of 10%.
In this zone you can book your sessions immediately at the member rate. You also have access to products and services reserved for members such as the sunset session every evening from Wednesday to Saturday from 8pm (when the cable closes to the general public ;p) until sunset. Alos you can the rent the 2.0system without monitor.
As a Musicride member, you also get discounts at some of our partners like BillyWake and Mega Fun House Boardshop
You have access to subscription formulas, to some events reserved for members,… You’ll get the Musicride newsletter to keep you informed about all this 😉
See you soon on the water!

Our partners

Tarifs membre

Big cĂąble
1 hours
2 hours
Sunset sessions
Big cables cards
Card 10x1h* + 1 hour free
Card 10x2h* + 2hours free
Small cable
1/4 hour on the small cable (Excl. pilot)
1/2 hour on the small cable (Excl. pilot)
1hour on the small cable (Excl. pilot)
Season package
Season package for students, under 18, and people in precarious situations**

*Book a package for one or two hours. The day of your visit you pay the rest of the package and you will get a code to book your next sessions without fees
**Once you have paid, you will receive a code to book your next sessions free of charge

Booking member price