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If you’re reading these words, you might be looking for information to become a member (you’re in the right place, just a bit further down 😉 or perhaps you’re already a member, in which case, welcome to the Musicride members’ community 🙂

Musicride is a water sports club recognized by the FFSNW (Fédération Francophone de Ski Nautique et de Wakeboard), which allows you to be insured for water sports worldwide until December 31 of the current year.

TO BECOME A MEMBER, it’s very simple: You can pay your membership fee of €65 at the front desk when you come to Spin or by bank transfer to Musicride asbl at account BE12 3630 4189 9592 – communication: membership + current year + first name and last name of the member.

At Spin, you can have a prepaid account at the bar through which you get a 10% discount on drinks. In the shop, you also have a basic discount of 10%.

In this area, you can book your sessions immediately, benefiting from the member rate. You also have access to products and services reserved for members, such as the sunset session on certain evenings from 8 pm (when the cable closes to the general public 🙂 ) until sunset. You also have the option to rent the 2.0 without an instructor.

As a Musicride member, you also enjoy discounts with some of our partners like BillyWake and Mega Fun House Boardshop.

You have access to subscription plans, certain events reserved for members,…

You will receive the Musicride newsletter to keep you informed about all this 😉

See you soon on the water

Reservations at the member rate

Member Rates

Membership Fee = €65/year (valid until 31/12 of the current year)

Book a one or two-hour package. On the day of your visit, settle the remaining subscription amount, and you will receive a code to reserve your subsequent sessions at no additional cost.

**Une fois le forfait réglé, tu recevras un code pour pouvoir réserver tes prochaines sessions sans frais

15 minutes
30 minutes
1 hour

***The rate does not include an instructor/pilot, and the pilot must be a member.

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