The big cable

The cablepark

You take a package for an hour or two. Every time you fall, you come back to the starting pontoon (it gives a little break to your muscles 😉
Our advice:
First you get to know the machine on a kneeboard.
Then, you add the balance with the water skis.
Finally, you start doing side starts on a wakeboard or wakeskate.
Once you master this, you are free to start trying jumps and slides on the obstacles you see on either side of the course. At this point wearing a helmet is mandatory!

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The small cable


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Included in the price: access to the cablepark, security gear (helmet and compulsory life jacket) and the initiation gear (kneeboard and waterski’s)

Not included in the price: wetsuit and wakeboard (see Rental gear below)

1 hours
2 hours
Private location of the big cable*

* Only outside of opening hours

Rental gear

1 hours
2 hours
6,00 €
8,00 €
8,00 €
11,00 €
Tesboards (promodels of the year)*
12,00 €

*Mandatory to go on the obstacles and rather intended for advanced riders 😉
Safety vest, helmets and basic equipment included (skis, kneeboards)

The obstacles

module the spin the pipe
The pipe
module the spin teta
module the spin nos
module the spin streetseries
Street series
module the spin straightbox
Straight box
module the spin steffen vollert
Steffen Vollert
phoenix module the spin
Jules charaud module
Module 50 50 the spin
kickers the spin

Mesures covid

The Spin reste ouvert ! 

Par contre, on prévoit quelques aménagements afin de respecter les mesures imposées par le gouvernement face à la situation sanitaire: 

– Le port du masque est obligatoire lors de tes déplacements sur site sauf lors de la pratique des activités sportives

– La distanciation sociale est d’application

– Si tu as des symptômes, pense aux autres et reste chez toi ;-)

– Réservation obligatoire pour les activités

– Les vestiaires sont accessibles