The Eat’n Spin offers food and drinks! You can enjoy your favorite drink or a simple dish on the terrace (in the shade or in the sun) or by the fire in the bar…

You can take a look at the menu below and on the spot you will have access to this menu from one of the QR codes that you will find on the tables

ATTENTION: It is forbidden to consume your own drinks and/or your own food on site. Please order at the bar 😉

The Spin BBQ

You’re the boss! Want to master your cooking to the hilt? We’ve got an assortment of local meats for you to cook to your heart’s content while enjoying a great view of the lake!

BBQ The Spin: composition/person

1 country sausage, 1 merguez, 1 slice of marinated bacon and 1 pork skewer


BBQ Mix Grill: composition / person

1 turkey skewer, 2 lamb skewers, 1 chicken sausage and 1 merguez



raw vegetables, pasta salad, bread, sauces (ketchup, mayonnaise, andalouse)

ATTENTION: It is forbidden to consume your own food and drinks on site. The Eat’n Spin is here to relieve your thirst and hunger 😉