About us

This is how it all started

The Spin starts with a story of friendship, wakeboard and passion. The whole thing will be headed by an idealist, Ced alias Duwake 😉

He and his friends love to ride and they wanted to share their passion. Together, they created Musicride asbl to promote board sports. Later, Musicride will become the Spin’s club!

But at the time, in 2008, there was no more cable in Belgium (since the disappearance of the Walibi cable 30 years earlier)… so they were wakeboarding by boat. But gasoline is expensive and it pollutes 🙁

Ced, who had been the director of a water ski lift in France in 2007, comes back with the firm intention to do the same thing in his country of origin, Belgium! Yes, because the cable traction system is non-polluting and much cheaper!

The idealist starts to work:his goal is to offer wakeboarding in an even cleaner than clean way ^^

-> After a lot of peregrinations, he finds the lake of FĂ©ronval at Les Lacs de l’Eau d’Heure and wins the tender. Here he is at the head of a vacant lot. There is more to do…

July 16th 2011… TADAAAAAAM The Spin Cablepark comes out of the ground in its first version: the reception is done in maritime containers and the cable has 2 kickers

2 years later, the building was born! Not just any building: an exemplary building in terms of sustainable architecture: 90% wood frame, rainwater recovery, heat pump, wood stove, southern orientation and… 168 solar panels

This makes it the world’s first energy-autonomous water ski lift!

Year after year, he makes improvements: a 2nd small cable, an accommodation, a bar and restaurant area, beach volleyball and petanque courts, a slackline area, escape games, an aquapark,… and he even has more projects in mind!

In 2021, 10 years later, it is no longer “just a water ski lift”, but a real eco-responsible amusement park with the “Green Key” label. The Spin Cablepark becomes “The Spin Leisure Park”.

Mesures covid

The Spin reste ouvert ! 

Par contre, on prévoit quelques aménagements afin de respecter les mesures imposées par le gouvernement face à la situation sanitaire: 

– Le port du masque est obligatoire lors de tes dĂ©placements sur site sauf lors de la pratique des activitĂ©s sportives

– La distanciation sociale est d’application

– Si tu as des symptĂŽmes, pense aux autres et reste chez toi ;-)

– RĂ©servation obligatoire pour les activitĂ©s

– Le bar ne sera pas accessible, mais un service en take away est prĂ©vu

– Les vestiaires sont accessibles (une bulle Ă  la fois!)

Les zones suivantes sont fermées pour le moment: douches, bar-resto, escape games & aquapark.

Nous espĂ©rons pouvoir ouvrir toutes les zones rapidement pour t’accueillir encore plus chaleureusement au plus vite !